Sunday, 2 October 2011

Warnock's Team Talk - Match Attax

In his Independent column, Neil Warnock has revealed the secret of his team talk"s and the shocking revelation that " It must have cost me about £200 to get all our squad":
"we finally pulled out my Match Attax football cards. I was delighted to see I am a four-star. Obviously I had to point this out to the lads, so for my team talk last week I went through them one by one. I showed them my card, then it was a case of, "Sorry Adel, you're only three-star, so are you Armand. Kieron, you're just a two-star..." and so on. I got to Fitz Hall and said to him: "Fitz, I can't bring myself to tell you..." He said sadly: "Someone's already told me boss, I'm a one-star." I don't how how I'm going to build his confidence back up. Luke Young is a four, so too, fortunately, is Joey Barton, which saved us a lot of possible problems as there's quite a bit of jealousy about the ratings. " [Neil Warnock: Telling my players what their ratings were nearly caused an incident in the dressing room]
Update: Clearly the team's resounding defeat/drubbing by Fulham can be laid squarely at the feet of Top Trumps ;)

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