Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Thatcher the One Minute Rage

Football Club owners are not 'one of us' and live in a different world a world where Thatcher did not weild a strap on but yeilded herself for the greater greed.
Sir Alex Ferguson, when once told by a journalist that he and Thatcher shared an ability to survive on only five hours’ sleep, replied: “Don’t associate me with that woman.”       A minute's silence? Margaret Thatcher was not one of us when it came to sport
Whilst her policies were bluntly felt by the fans, she happily tickled the ball sacks of the willing rich who look on her memory fondly.
Last night Reading, who play Liverpool at the Madejski stadium on Saturday, announced that they will observe a minute's silence in memory of the 96 victims of the 1989 Hillsborough disaster, the 24th anniversary of which falls on Monday. Earlier in the day, the club's chairman John Madejski said that Premier League clubs should observe a minute's silence for Thatcher.
Only a totally inconsiderate wanker would suggest inflicting a minutes silence on Liverpool fans after Thatcher and her henchmen showed NO respect for the 96 dead which in part explains the continued hatred for her
On 15 September 2012, Liverpool played Sunderland in a game of unique emotion. Chants of "Justice for the 96" echoed around the Stadium of Light. They were soon followed by "We're all having a party when Maggie Thatcher dies"
She never spoke up for the 96 and was happy to let them be smeared as it suited her agenda against the working classes. To even suggest a minutes silence for the evil witch is deeply insulting.
Margaret, chair of the Hillsborough Family Support Group, said that "any suggestion of a minute’s silence for Thatcher would be an insult and a disgrace" Hillsborough mum says minute's silence at Liverpool game would be "an insult and a disgrace" 
So if we are to devote one minute to her memory let it be a cathartic moment, an out pouring of rage and grief at what was lost and more importantly an affirmation the government would do well to harken.
The Liverpool Echo summed Thatcher and her views of Liverpool up with this snippet today: 'In a memorable Spitting Image sketch Margaret Thatcher's grotesque puppet was seen comparing parts of the country to her own home. Kent, for example, was her garden . . . Liverpool was her toilet.' And yes, she shit on the people of Liverpool from a great height and I haven't even touched on Hillsborough. I'll use this opportunity to say that I welcome the comments today from the Hillsborough families who are demanding a full disclosure of any documents relating to Thatcher's role in the cover-up of the disaster. The fight for justice goes on. you definitely should think before telling people who suffered under her, as to how they should respond to her... if you want to support Thatcher and defend her policies, that is your right and I don't have a problem with it, although I think there's at least 96 reasons why you may want to reconsider defending her and her Government. But without trying to guilt you into changing your opinion, you definitely should think before telling people who suffered under her, as to how they should respond to her passing Duncan Oldham KOPTALK EDITOR

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