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The virtual walls of my Alternate Reality are continuously under construction as new places emerge and evolve. All worlds are linked to this world. Every story connects with another both forward and backwards through time. The [self proclaimed] greatest Tabloid Football Journalist knows a good story:
Football Speak - Where I write lengthier more considered pieces that premier here @FootballZilla - just with less swearing. I am a roving Sports Reporter and rely heavily on my 'sources' (Smiffy or Twitter) and participate in the age old sport of  sledging - mostly at Chelski's expense. We hate Chelski.
The Bleeding Nose Shelter - The Mystical Lines of Power. One Man. One Guitar. An Amp (it's an old story but basically I put loads of Metal and Hard Rock related stuff there). The Ultimate Rock Shaman. Boobs.

GingerZilla - Where I make stuff up by using FACT to erm make it not quite FACT. This is normally because it's funny and I like playing with words because that too is funny. I also put stuff that other people do or say that is funny. This often involves politicians who manage to say many words and say very little allowing me to interpret mashup their words for the new world I intend to create in my ginger image. I call it Future History. You could call it making stuff up. Just remember I could be leader one day and I have a warped sense of humour. Cut and Paste Jobs.
Mashup Ginger - A place where the World's #1 Music Fascist showcases the work of others (mainly mashup artists and remixers) rants about those who suck on the Dark Lord's wiggly stuff so they can climb the scaley pole of fame and releases his own (badly made) musical creations and impersonations. 

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