Sunday, 11 December 2011

Fulhamish Legends#1 - Clint Dempsey

USA and Fulham favourite
Deserving of the Love Bestowed
Clint Dempsey scores 

Nearly scores a brace

Fulham fans prefer playing the big teams. 

We may get a bloody nose every so often. 

Fulham 1 - Tottenham 3

But not always 

Fulham 2 - Man City 2
Arsenal 1 - Fulham 1

Rivalries are worth the long wait  

This is a very, very Fulhamish Season.

Roll on Chelski at the Cottage. 


NEXT UP: Football Stories: The Spirit of Clint Dempsey
COMING SOON: I'm a Celebrity Chairman - Get Me Out of Here*

*Due to General Strike action this article has been delayed. 

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