Tribal Support


GingerZilla (Fulham FC) - Gadfly, Irritant and all round miscreant. Likes dropping in comedy and cultural references whenever possible because he can. Likely to explode on a Tuesday, but this is in the interest of the greater good! No known links with Alisher Usmanov or the #KronckyOut Movement.

Smiffy (Queens Park Rangers) - is a reformed yob. He reads too much Irvine Welsh. Currently mourning his fallen leader and formulating the Blue Conspiracy. 

Agent Arsenal Bob - studies military tactics, conspiracies and xfactor. Has a nipple fixation. Impeachable source. 


The Not Currently Mighty Whites
Come on You R'sss
Hatching Egg - Arsenal
Egg - AFC Wimbledon
Egg - FC United
Egg - Stenhousemuir - Come on you 'Muirs
Emergent Egg - West Bromwich Albion

Feckless, Undeserving Poor

Tribal Scum
New Mancs on the Block
Old Mancs on the Block

Clubbed Seals
The Dingles

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