Thursday, 2 February 2012

Football Predictions*

I taunted Dirk, the footballer named after a porn star, and he responded. I asked serious questions about his character and he responded in the only way he knew how by scoring when it mattered most - against the Mancs.

In 2012 the manky ones with dubious financial credentials - in one way or another - have been sacrificed from Europe and their cups will not overflow.

I also got my commentary on #TransferDeadlineDay spot on as these tweets show:
*this week I have decided not to talk about Fulham away results. However, to any Fulham fan feeling aggrieved at loosing to the toffee's, it did not take a genius to work out that we have still to break the blue Curse up north. It's part of why Smiffy and I boo John Terry when given any opportunity. That is a blue curse - even if it was a different city. Anyway all away grounds look the same to me - depressing. 

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GingerZilla said...

I should have added the caveat that Loftus Road did not look depressing by virtue of being a home ground of sorts - hence the win. 7 goals and 6 points. Conclusive proof #MarkHughesisaBellEnd