Sunday, 9 May 2010

Rigged Elections

This was the most rigged vote in ages. I mean you only have to look at who 'won' to know how corrupt the voting was...

Despite loathing Spuds almost as much as Chelski (it's a throwing things on our pitch which did it for me), I actually like Spuds boss ‘arry Redknapp. I even muttered ‘well done’ under my breath when they beat the New Mancs on the Block (NMOTB) to qualify for the Champions League, although this was in part due to the way NMOTB have pissed off everyone (jealousy possibly but we know a twat when we see one) . Even the neutrals were laughing when Man United (Manure) beat them in the league and cup games. But back to Spuds...

Achieving forth in the English Premier League is a rare achievement. But, let’s face it -  the red half of Liverpool have been as bad as the reds that are doing a sit in at No. 10 and still occupying this country. Had Arsenal had a similar meltdown then even Pompey would have been in with a shout.

Some puff pieces in the media make a big issue of Spuds predicament when ‘arry took over – bottom of the league with just two points from eight games. To stay up from that position would have been achievement if you were a Hull, Birmingham or any another recently promoted side, or West Ham who have an ability to fuck up when winning is the only decent thing to do (rather like QPR in fact). Spuds were not a recently promoted side and had a pretty decent and expensive squad. That ‘arry had 28 games to get out of the shit makes it a good effort to stay up and not a lot else. It does not make him the fucking messiah as some Spuds fans seem keen to mythologise. That he had the backing to splurge on five proven Premiership players costing over £40million - Jermain Defoe (£15.75m), Wilson Palacios (£12m), Carlo Cudicini (free), Pascal Chimbonda (a complete wanker who cost £3m) and Robbie Keane (£12m) – also takes the gloss from his messianic salvation of Spuds.

Spuds were not a team that were dead and buried in  the blue half Manchester two years ago losing 2-0 and going down only to win 2-3, from a team that could not (and still can’t) win away and still needed two wins.
Spurs not did qualify from the same group as Roma, beat the reigning European champions Shakhtar Donetsk, former European giants Juventus (who they were 4-1 down to at one point), last year’s German champions Wolfsberg and of course Hamburg who Fulham were behind to 0-1 (away goals!) before going on to win. Did Spuds do that?

No, they beat a Wigan team 9-0 – a team more unpredictable than the Lottery. Okay then….

So had Mancini or Martin O’Neil achieved fourth would have been manager of the season? Not so much of an achievement when it’s put like that, is it? Of course that puts Spurs in the same league as Roy Hodgson’s Fulham, who is manager of the season.

The argument about squad costs, used to big up he achievement compared to NMOTB () also fails miserably when compared to Fulham’s even if we have a sugar Daddy, who has spent £100m+ in over ten years which includes funding for modernising a crumbling ground (I know this because I stood in the Hammersmith end and it crumbled under my feet).

This award is normally given to the winner of league, however in the 2000-1 George Burley won it for Ipswich for achieving fifth. As the Daily Mail said Redknapps’ award was “voted by the Barclays Awards Panel, which is made up of football’s governing bodies, the media and fans” and “has an emphasis on League performance.” So since being  the last team from the whole of the British Isles to represent in Europe doesn't matter lets turn to the league. 

Fulham currently lie 12th, a place they will probably finish. Not much you say, but to put this in perspective after Ipswich qualified for Europe – they went down. When Everton were in Europe again after a long hiatus – they struggled and nearly went down. Did Fulham struggle? No, they have been comfortable all season with a squad players that Sir Alex Ferguson (normally referred to as ‘Red Faced Weegie Git’) said Hodgson was “doing well to get…onto the pitch.” This is the same team that beat Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool at the Cottage (we have beaten Chelski – once, just once…the bastards).

Spurs got to an FA Cup semi final..and lost. Fulham got to a European Cup Semi Final…and fucking won after being 0-1 down! So a team that could and should have qualified forth in any number of the past few years, did just that and it is seen as an achievement worthy of accolades, whilst a team believed to be relegation fodder, ironically because of the pressure the European Cup run would place on the squad…got to the final and erm…well it’s just not good enough is it.

For fucks sake (FFS) he has got Bobby Zamora playing like a world class player, terrorising European defences when last season we sang  “When your sitting in row Z and the ball hits your head that's Zamora....” to him. Interestingly Spuds sang “when you're sitting in row z, and the ball hits you, its zamoraaaaaaaaaaaaa” (fucking donkeys don’t even know how to get a chant to rhyme). That’s how bad Zamora was - now he could win England the World Cup (if we can kneecap Heskey in the next couple of weeks.)

So stand up Redknapp. The award was long overdue but let’s be honest you didn’t deserve it – a bit like Giggsy. Money talks in the EPL and bullshit……gets flushed down to the lower divisions. Like Leeds and QPR (who are the only team in history to have not improved with fuck loads of money).

Something does not smell right and the logical conclusion is that ‘arry, who likes a bet, has nobbled the judges somehow. I have no evidence, but why let that get in the way of a good football conspiracy. If I could punch Sepp Blatter in the mouth for this I would, although I have a canny feeling I would have punched him at any point in the last few years anyway.

Come on You Whites!

[Telegraph - Tottenham's Harry Redknapp  named manager of the season]


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