Saturday, 27 August 2011

QPR Sign a Twit*

QPR have signed Joey Barton, a player that despite his chequered history has always been interesting. Barton even looks like he could have just stepped out of White City Estate so should fit in well.

He likes to Tweet and did a good job last week supporting the Hillsborough Petition on his Twitter account even harassing Spuds chairman Alan Sugar (You’re Fired!) in the process. He apparently supports the working class and may move on to blogging to get his voice heard, if the press don’t try and cut him down because they don’t like him. Like the press haven’t ever done anything illegal

He often talks, or tweets, philosophy. So do drunk people. It’s their specialty and Smiffy’s too. He [Barton] has a silly ‘beard’ in his current Twit Pic and once sported a very silly moustache. Whilst the press have no memory, facial fuzz is important in football. It’s part of our history. It’s what makes us men! Football fans should be uniting round players like this rather than the boring bloody sound bites that bleat ‘I gave it 110% but I’m not 100% fit yet’. Screw them. Who cares if Barton screws up again? (getting himself sent off against Fulham both home and away). This time it's different, because this time he has Neil Warnock to defend him. Very interesting times lie ahead for West London this season. 

Joey Barton, we at FootballZilla (even the Fulham fan) Salute You! 

*No Apologies for the tabloid headline…I’m trying to wind up Smiffy!!

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