Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Come on You Whites (COYWS)

Final Europa League final: Atletico Madrid v Fulham

Who would have thought it, lowly Fulham in a European final and it's not the Inter Toto, which I had the pleasure of watching from the Loft (Loftus Road), which is an outdated ground that Rangers need to move from sharpish.

Whereas last time practically the whole country had no idea there was a final on this time the whole country  are willing us to win. As Captain Danny Murphy said to the BBC:
"This is probably the first time the whole of England want an English club to win in Europe," he added. There may be a few Chelsea fans who disagree but the support we've received - phone calls and meeting people in the street - has been amazing. Fulham are everybody's second favourite club at the moment."
Despite this slight at Chelski, I think most Chelski fans want us to win as they regard Fulham as a little brother, except those that are miffed that we are in Europe still. The feeling however is not mutual, as 99.99% of Fulham fans laugh whenever Chelski fuck up and wish them nothing but ill fortune and supported the Portugeezer José Mourinho when Inter kicked their butts (he was always nice about Fulham). The same wishing of ill will could also be said of most QPR fans, or West Ham or Spuds towards the blue half of SW6.

As for the match, like Elton John Fulham are good at coming from behind so if Atletico score first then we have a good chance. Otherwise who knows.

Best of luck lads

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