Thursday, 22 September 2011

England, Passion & The People's Anthem

Fulham fans know that when the Cottage is rocking that the players become our Warriors. But cheering our warriors works both ways, unless you play for England. The England players  look bored and disinterested. If we don't see them singing before going into battle, we see warning signs. 
It's not just about winning (there is always hope of a dodgy ref), the People will cheer your glorious death on the pitch as long as you are try before you die. It gives us a chance to sing how shit the opposition are because you're not all dead yet!

Compare this from Portugal's Rugby Players before their 108-18 drubbing by the All Blacks: 

 to this English damp squib on any given match during our long years of hurt:


 Bobby Robson:
“...what it's like playing for England”.
Image: SoccerLens
But I may have cracked it. Players don't like Queens which could well be a working class thing. No player would insult the Queen. Except for Joey Barton. I could see him do that. And eco Warrior Gary Neville, during a tour of the Undeserving Poor

Why are players afraid to speak up for the streets and beliefs they came from, the People they lived and played amongst? Have their souls been dazzled by the shiny palaces and prostitutes on the hill? Or does a life in those Towers make you fear the People

Saint Bob
Image: Wikipedia
Rooney was right to question fans booing at the World Cup last year but he needs to look in the mirror first. On second thoughts I forgive him, but not Coleen. 

Fans experience an England game in a state of total fear where every missed pass leads to an automatic team collapse. We know the fear of failure more than you as we don't have holidays after penalty shoot outs. You are not a fragile egg. You need to CRACK eggs. So get stuck in there! 

To help the players, we need to change the pace of our slow plodding anthem from a bygone age and stop this rot. Could you imagine a pumped up anthem, the players mirroring the fans po-going like crazy in the stands, cracking their own skulls open. The Claret and White of England everywhere. If that scares you think what this 'traditional' song will do to the opposition: 


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