Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Fall of John Terry*

My sledging of John Terry both earlier this week on FootballZilla and today at Football Speak has worked after Chelski, still reeling from their defeat by QPR (a conspiracy) were beaten 3-5 by Arsenal. My previous sledging at Wayne Rooney and Louis Saha did not work quite so in my favour, for which I blame a combination of Alex Ferguson, David Moyes and Archie Leitch. Watch this slip/goal again and again to see how how I was third time lucky, how you do not mess with my predictions and because it's funny:

Face Palm
My hoodoo also worked and my slight at the Fulham team away record galvanised them into a response as against the run of play, our form and the recent #rapture we won away.

New Mancs on the Block are currently scaring everyone with 28 goals and points. At stage of the season that is a very stupid attitude to have, people should be far more worried about Fulham who not only are the only team to takes points off NMOTB but we won away today. Strange days indeed.

* I still maintain he is innocent and the back pass was dreadful, however he doesn't even try to get up quickly, probably because he knew I was going to sledge him for it. 

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