Monday, 24 October 2011

GingerZilla is Innocent*

Football fans are religious types and the #rapture which apparently happened on Friday cannot be ruled out for Fulham's woes. I would certainly push this version of events in light of my prophesy this past week on Football Speak regarding Zamora and Saha. It could be argued that I was wrong in demanding Rooney was dropped in favour of Fulham Bob (it's a belief thing) and a make a rather unpleasant, malicious and hurtful jibe at Louis Saha's injury bill. 

Whilst superstition may have its merits [most of the money in the English Premier League is based on superstition so who am I to argue?] I too am asking for patience and plainly just hoping for the future. And just like many players and politicians I see the glass as half empty, however unlike them I am not contractually obliged to defend insanity or John Terry. I have belief! 

The delightful chips in this video and footwork forebode well after today's opener from Ruiz:

* cast not the first stone as they say. 

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