Monday, 19 September 2011

The Doomed Scottish Empire and Football

Natural Checks and Balances
Image: Google Maps
Words: GingerZilla
The one problem being a mongrel of the British Archipelagos is our divided loyalties, caused by the many threads of our DNA being mingled down the years. 

Someone's mother was always a Hoor and it's always the bloody Neighbours. It's a fortunate side effect of alcohol, without which the Northern Tribes may have ceased to exist. The Sacred Lubricant of Life (always drink senselessly). The closer we are, the more we hate each other until we look in the mirror and realise we're all bleary eyed and hung over. 

Our Tribes are mixed with the spirit that has breathed through these Islands for centuries. In football we see the echoes of this.

Like how the Scottish, the People, make great WarriorsBut when they let the Generals take Charge they are f**king useless wankers! There is a language barrier somewhere. Could ney organise a pish up in a brewery tha lot. And I know. I have evidence: 

The English Merchantile Class seized the opportunity and organised the beer and fighting in their favour. Just like the Tory and New Labour parties do. If only the Tribes Clans could have united against the 'auld enemy, History could have been so much different, in Life as in Football we can laugh with you and at you. A shared sense of understanding from the blood of the Celts (bloody pagans!). 

Scotland the Brave we salute you. Just not all of you. We hate Stranraer.

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