Sunday, 18 September 2011

Fulhamish #2 New Mancs on the Block

Not a Very Pretty View, but the glass is always Half Full
Today's game is against the Über rich New Mancs on the Block. Second versus bottom. I used to like them, because they were the poorer cousins. Our Chairman genuinely loves his club and the fans and we love him back. He saved Fulham from crumbling into the ground, literally, and we will always be grateful - even if we have to put up with the Curse of Jackson. There is a connection and history, no matter how tenuous. 

He may be an Asylum Seeking Chairman (according to Smiffy) but only because the government refused him Citizenship because he kept speaking out of turn. His crime was to forgot that in the world of business you're not allowed to talk openly about the back handers, insider deals and general corruption that follows money. It's just not cricket. The People are not supposed to know!

But MAF is not a limited company or a murky investor who has no interest in the team beyond owning it. Mohamed Al-Fayed is also a well known Conspiracy Theorist and Eccentric so there is much to love about him, especially on this blogsite. He knows there is no one is ever bigger than the team and so we indulge each other. Football is about the fans as AFC Wimbledon and FC United have shown. 

Without The People, there is no football. Players, chairmen and even some grounds come and go. 

I believe today, like I believed on that day in April when Fulham fans could finally sing:

'We're winning away, 
we're winning away, 
how shit must you be, 
we're winning away.' 

It was pure poetry against the 'fake hoops' (according to Smiffy) that we could stay up and we did against all odds. On the last day of the season, David beat Goliath and sent the Royals down. It was a moment in time, a memory etched forever in annuls of the club, like when we held the then Mighty Warriors of the Undeserving Poor in the 3rd Round of the old Milk Cup. Twice. 

Every dog has it's day when even the powerful and mighty fall - especially if a tackle is well timed. Ahem.


We reached a European final and stayed up. Strange things happen in football if only you have faith. We coasted well last season after a start bereft of wins. So let the young whipper snappers set the pace because they will soon run out of breath. We've been here before.

Down from here, the only way now is up. There is a very long way to go to get to the magical 42 (not 40 that's LIES!!) and we've been here before. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Unless your parents called you Elvis thus cursing you to take cocaine. Things could be worse and for that I'm thankful.


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