Sunday, 18 September 2011

Does Yeow Boing?

The Antipodean Beast sacrificed the soul of Football (just ask any Undeserving Poor supporters). I am going to reclaim our souls for the Football Gods by making my own adverts, about myself instead of having to watch the annoying stuff in between the football and talking about football. It's what Megalomaniacs do. But I cannot do it alone. This is a writers forum, a creative world to philosophise as only drunken football fans can. Understanding about moustaches and being a twit helps.

Has yeow supported the Baggies since yeow was a babby?

Does yeow wanna use yeow donnies to club the Seals and the Dingels with yeow wit?

Become an egg that hatches into it's own online alter ego.

If you secretly want to write character based comedy using football as a template and can take the piss out yourself and others, without being a prick (as Smiffy would say)...then send me a short piece of 250-300 words commenting on a football story from your club's perspective. Videos, Comedy it all counts. If it makes us laugh, then we will publish it.

Join us at Football Zilla and banter.

Any team that can use Reggae is okay by us. Except Chelsea. We hate Chelsea.

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