Monday, 5 September 2011

I’m a Celebrity Chairman–Get Me Out of Here!

Howay that Lad.
The Twit with a silly beard Joey Barton (bless him) asked on Twitter about the above (alleged) picture of Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley:


If this was anyone but the Geordies, Ashley wouldn’t pass the ‘fit and proper’ test. I swear I’ve seen his twin at the Newcastle game at the Cottage legging it across the pitch with stewards (oh we hate Goldrange)  chasing after. But unlike when other clubs invade your pitch, home fans take the joke with the Geordie Nation. You have to wonder why Ashley’s not endearing himself to the fans? Oh yeah, because he won’t spend any money, which is apparently the reason the Silly Bearded Twit* was forced out - he did not Respect Authoritah!

I won't laugh too much. It’s best not to comment since Fulham's chairman, Mohammed Al-Fayed recently appeared on Celebrity Big Brother. Not to mention the infamous Fulham Song by Keith Allen or this 'celebrity' gem:

The phrase people in glass houses comes to mind so instead I will leave Smiffy* with this:
Al-Fayed whooaah
Al-Fayed whooaah
He wants to be a Brit
and QPR are shit
* Yes, I am trying to wind up Smiffy, still.

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