Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Salute to the Northern Tribe #2 S**t on the Wolves, Spit on the Seals*

I have always had a soft spot for the Baggies, possibly because of their utter hopelessness, that accent and the proximity to Dudlaah. What's not to pity? Besides Adrian Chiles.
Wolves Local
There are no hard feeling with Woy Hodgson only memories. It's hard to begrudge an ex manager as long as they don't cheat or sodomise the club mascot, because life has to go on without them. They only visit, they can go away again. Defeat hurts more when you live together and Neighbours are right in your face. As explains: 
Bath Time[Image Wikipedia] 
Beach ball alleged to be out of shot

Shit on the Wolves (The Dingles)
"...a bunch of fat, ugly, pig-ignorant thieves and petty crooks who live in a slum and do nothing but cause trouble. Any resemblance between them and the good people of Wolverhampton is completely intentional and not our fault whatsoever, honest." 

Spit on the the Seals

"...coined [when] Villa supporters clapping at arms length, stamping the wooden floor at the same time while shrieking in a falsetto voice "Villa!". This reminded him of a seal (or probably more likely a sea lion but the distinction was lost on us then)...a whole mythology built up around fish and beach balls."
And for that We Salute you, in the same breath that we curse the Black Country.  Because Saturday is different. Just be glad you're not Chelsea. We hate Chelsea.


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