Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Dirty Secrets of the Arsenal Dressing Room*

"[the] large head often suggests a larger animal than the muskox truly is"
Sometimes you can be minding your own business and an idea hits you, or a Twitter Trend. Then when you investigate further you realise you were on to something, but wished you'd never thought of it in the first place as the truth is so depraved. We have all heard what goes on in the testosterone charged changing rooms up and down the land but I don't even think the press thought it was this bad: 
Dominant bulls sometimes treat subordinate bulls like cows. A dominant bull will casually kick a subordinate with its foreleg something they do to cows during mating. Dominant bulls will also mock copulate subordinates and sniff their genitals. [Wikipedia]
It's no wonder there's so much competition for first team places at Arsenal. Still if Arsenal keep winning who is to question Wenger's techniques?

* I am trying to wind up Bob

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