Thursday, 15 December 2011

Fulham in Europe still?

Note the arc drawing Smiffy's attention to something
Keep looking at the picture and not the story.
At least one Fulham player could still be in Europe, even if it is on loan. Despite not loosing in Europe last night Fulham decided to let the young ones loose instead. It's character building and will help them prepare fro our away form. However, I've been wondering if we have now qualified for the Intertoto? I mean if both Manchester teams can be booted out of a competition and still be allowed to play in 'Europe' why can't we? I'm sure certain elements of FIFA would listen to this idea if MAF bunged them some gold. It's not like they don't take 'bribes', sorry, endorsements. 

Believing this is easier than believing Wisla punished me for my Gothski joke the other day. That's harsh. I can't always be expected to work my magic.

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