Sunday, 11 December 2011

The Pressing Trouble with Bob

Is that the press like making stuff up. Creating fear where there is no fear. It sells newspapers that only zombies buy, hence the association with dawn when the mind is not yet alert. Whilst this may work during the week on the way to work, but not on a Sunday. It's just plain insulting to think the People do not have their wits about them. Or some of us at least. Sunday is a day to get over headaches and be thankful your not working.

We fear what we do not know. That is why football should be a uniting factor, not a divisive one. I even read about Tribes that said We Are The People, although I was unable to confirm if this had anything to do with the World Cup. How could I we not support that? However the Sunday people* deserve a gesture from Fulham fans.

Thus future England and current Fulham Legend Bob has had his good name tarnished in the media just to spread a dollop of brain jam made with only artificial ingredients but proclaim it as organic on the grounds that Tottenham, Sunderland and QPR [who Fulham thrashed at the Cottage*] exist. Those are the facts of this article, the rest is artistic license. 

It's good that Fulham have a squad they can rotate in attack. It's not like we don't get injuries to our strikers or have enough games to worry about is it? Simple squad rotation provides a goldmine of speculation for a journalist and it's not like the press haven't revealed the extent that they make things up. Football fans have known this for years from the back pages. I don't ever discount an agent, who may be closely related to bankers, looking for another bonus. 

Martin Jol made a solid decision that didn't pay off. I would rather have Bobby for the games to come let AJ have a run out. Strikers are mostly delicate souls and need to be pampered. 

* I don't think Smiffy has spoken to me since then. 
** they don't deserve capitals either - just like beleibers or chelski. We hate chelski.

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