Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Nathan Eccleston is Innocent!!!

Joey Barton has often been called a Twit and it generally has little to do with Twitter, however Liverpool 'starlet' Nathan Eccleston is the new king of Twitdom. After posting his sympathies for the victims of the 9/11 'accident' he tweeted:
"I ain't going to say attack don't let the media make u believe that was terrorist that did it. #OTIS." OTIS stands for “Only The Illuminati Succeed” [Liverpool Echo, Liverpool FC starlet Nathan Eccleston under investigation after 9/11 Twitter posting causes outrage
Now the GingerZilla likes Conspiracy Theories (generally his own which revolve around Young or Old People, Animals, Ginger Discrimination, Chelski and Tuesday's) but even I would know that when you are employed by an American Company (as Liverpool now are) then you DO NOT MENTION 9/11 - especially not on the bloody tenth anniversary! That's like going to a Spuds match in a Nazi Uniform and throwing bananas on the pitch (which funnily enough I could see happening at the World Cup 2018 in Russia).

But until a the facts are known I'm not going to condemn the 20 year old. Perhaps he was watching South Park (below)? However, since we're talking conspiracy theories it's far more likely his agent hijacked his account so he could negotiate a new deal. Well being a twit worked for Joey....

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