Saturday, 15 October 2011

Scousers Never Buy the Scum

There are many reasons to hate The Sun or any News International product including Sky and everything it stands for.

Rebekah Brooks is not a bad place to start. As is the ability to make it up again and again because their "'allegations [are] completely untrue" but then there is something so off the scale which no apology on earth can ever make up for (not that one of the worlds biggest wankers Kelvin McKenzie can say sorry - see the 3rd Video).

So the next time some twat in a shopping centre asks you to join Sky television mention the 96 and ask them why they can work for such an utter wanker as the Antipodean Beast and that you'd rather work for Fred West:

Don't Buy The Sun: A 22 year-strong boycott from Don't Buy The Sun on Vimeo.

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