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How England Can Win Again without Rooney [No Rooney No Cry]

Before and After:  England fans next June

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England fans only go on about 1966 'cos we have won f*ck all since*.  It's the same reason Archie Gemmell is still lauded in Scotland. It is this glint of sunshine in our memory and the odd decent performance such as ripping Germany apart in Munich back in 2002 (where I managed to injure myself celebrating Michael Owen's hat trick):

or the demolition of The Dutch at Euro '96:

that keep the hope alive. But hope unrequited can be soul destroying. It's like a Crystal Meth addiction.

However, I believe the glass is always half-full because my brain has evolved to help me cope with being a Fulham/England fan. If you had asked anyone, even Fulham fans, a few years back, especially under former fake hoop [Smiffy] Lawrie Sanchez, if Fulham would be in a Major* European final they would probably still be laughing. But then we made it all the way to the final and we're back again hoping for the same next year.

I have far more hope with Fulham, than I do England and I was glad the game against Montenegro, where Wayne Rooney proved yet again what a complete tosser he is, was on the official channel of the Antipodean Beast, Sky so I didn't have to watch another abject failure and hear the same jokes afterwards:
"After watching the football tonight, my wife said, "Was that a bad result then?". I said, "I'm changing my nationality to Scottish". She said, "Fucking hell, that is bad"."
The obvious English lack of ability to string passes together and our lack of success may be due to cheating bastards of a Latin persuasion who handballhack our players or try to get them sent off. It could be because there is an obvious FIFA conspiracy who despite maintaining the sky is green, that FIFA are not corrupt and that 'Politics and football are separate' yet still allow senior vice president of FIFA and known Argentinian Julio Grondona to say:
"with the English [2018] bid I said: Let us be brief. If you give back the Falkland Islands, which belong to us [they don't], you will get my vote
That's one hell of an ask even for a bribe - even Jack Warner was blushing at that one! Apologising months down the line doesn't help us either. So the English are right to feel cheated.  However, sometimes it pays to stop noticing the mote in their eyes and pay attention to the whacking great telegraph pole in your own.

England players seem more interested in gambling, shagging (or dogging) and continuing club feuds.  The reality is collectively we are shit, but when the wind changes we convince ourselves we smell of roses. As Greece showed in the 2004 European Championship and Germany showed throughout the 1990's, sometimes it's teamwork, not class, that wins cups. However, I have another theory and which any Fulham fan could tell you:
It was the Fulham what won it!
Image: ShakShak
  1. No England Team has won anything without a Fulham player. In 1966* it was George Cohen. Anyone doubting the power of the Fulham connection should remember that it was ex-Fulham keeper Edwin van der Sar that stopped Chelski scum Roman SonofaBitches' European dream in it's tracks and then worked his Fulham voodoo as he watched John Terry's penalty fly into Row Z.
  2. No England team has won anything without a Bob. In 1966* we had the late Bobby Moore.
  3. We have forwards (not that I'm singling them out) who are unable to string words, let alone passes, together. The best hold up player we have had was Emile Heskey who held up play by virtue of falling over. We need a hold up player who is not Emile Heskey. 
The solution is simple. Bobby Zamora MUST play. He is Fulham's Bob. 

In April we also need someone to break both Wayne Rooney's legs. That way we do not have a spoilt little twat berating fans or getting himself sent off and ruining things for us all.

Beckham was a complete idiot but at least learnt from his mistakes and led England well, far better it should be said than John Terry ever has. So bring Bobby in and get rid of Rooney and we're in with a shout because no one will expect anything from us and we won't have to worry about the petulant little twat screwing us over. We need a TEAM and absolutely NO FUCKING PENALTIES!

*Le Tournoi in 1997 does not count. The only decent thing about that was being in a pub watching Teddy Sheringham miss when I abused him for being a 'fucking yid'. This was not a particularly wise thing to do in North London. Five years later, I was in the Paddock at the shithole that is Loftus Road, barely feet away from suited and booted Spurs fans who shouted 'Yids' throughout. It's a Tottenham thing, not a Jewish thing, because Spuds fans threw stuff on our pitch. Going two nil down to them by half time was painful but not as painful as losing 3-2 was for them following Leggy's (forever Ziggy Wiggy to me) 90th minute winner. But  Chelsea are a different story altogether. We hate Chelsea

Shearer vs Portugal (1998) by ShearerGoals

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